Never apply saliva on lenses to clean them. Instead, visit an optometrist as they use premium quality lens sprays or not very harsh soap dishes.

Always use a microfibre cloth to clean your eyeglasses. As a small tip, you can visit where we provide a lens-cleaning kit with every spectacles purchase, be it eyeglasses, sunglasses or power sunglasses.

This kit contains a premium quality microfibre cloth and a lens cleaner packed in a beautiful bottle. By using this “pocket-spray cleaner”, you can ensure optimum glass cleanliness.

Use only a microfibre cloth and cleaner spray to clean your eyeglasses.

You can also rinse your glasses with clean water and dry them with a microfibre cloth if you’re applying 1-2 tbsp water and baking soda paste.

Apply a little car wax (either a spray or tub type) on your glasses and rub it gently in a circular motion with the microfibre cloth. Then, use another microfiber cloth to wipe your glasses completely.