【Highlights of the second half 】「RAGE STREET FIGHTER V All-Star League powered by CAPCOM」

■【Highlights of the second half 】Summary


As for the highlights of the second half of the tournament, we have a segment that was popular for highlights of the first half.

We are also going to broadcast a Japan Allstars vs Korean Allstar match!



【Studio Facilitator】Ayako Hatta

【Live commentary】 Hameko。/ Nanai

【Guest】 Jun Utahiroba


Program content:

・Highlights of the second half

・Japan/Korean Allstar match


【Official site】https://rage-esports.jp/league/sfv/


『RAGE STREET FIGHTER V All-Star League powered by CAPCOM』

Tokido、Nemo、Moke、ItabashiZangief、Fujimura、Umehara is the leader, the world's highest league battle to be carried out in total of 6 teams.

A round-robin battle of 6 teams is carried out twice, totaling 30 games will be held.

After the league , we will decide the winning team by doing GRAND FINALS by the top three teams.


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